21st Avenue Mural Project

The Franklin Neighborhood Development Corporation (FNDC), in partnership with the Sacramento Office of Arts and Culture, has released a request for qualifications (RFQ) for artists based in Sacramento for murals on the 21st Avenue underpass of Highway 99 and on the wall of a business on 21st Ave. See images at the end of this post for the specific mural locations and the timeline for this project. 

These murals’ objective is to help create a more welcoming environment along a key walking route between South Oak Park, North City Farms, and the Franklin District and to and from Ethel Phillips Elementary School, and to help reconnect these neighborhoods that were cut off by the construction of Highway 99 in the 1960s.  

The selected artist(s) will facilitate community centered design processes throughout the project to ensure the murals are representative and reflective of these Franklin District and Oak Park neighborhoods.


This RFQ is open to any artist or team of artists based in Sacramento that demonstrates the ability to successfully execute the mural project. Artists living in Oak Park, North City Farms, the Franklin District, and South Sacramento are strongly encouraged to apply.

The budget for the project is $72,000 through Clean CA grant funding from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). A lead artist or artist team will be selected by a panel made up of community members and artists. Artists will be paid 30% upon contract signing, 30% upon presenting final design, and 40% upon mural completion.


The budget anticipates that selected artists will provide the needed paint, supplies, equipment, and graffiti coating to complete the murals. FNDC and the City will help with planning and permitting for closing sidewalks as needed during mural painting. Caltrans will require the artist(s) to transfer to Caltrans their copyright to the final mural and mural design. However, Caltrans does provide a broad license back to the artist to use the mural image for both commercial and non-commercial purposes with certain restrictions.

21st Ave Mural Call.jpg

Process and Criteria for Selection

A panel of community members and artists will review application materials and work samples and select three finalists to interview before choosing the lead artist(s) or artist team. They will evaluate the artwork quality, mural experience, capacity to engage and work with the community, and capacity to complete the project on time.


How to apply

All interested candidates can apply below with the ‘Apply Here’ button. You will need a Google account to upload files. (If you have a problem accessing the link, try using Chrome or Edge as your browser.)


You can apply as an individual or as a team


Individual Lead Artist Guidelines

You will be asked to submit your:

  • Contact information (name, address, email, phone number)

  • CV or Resume (2 page maximum)

  • A letter of interest in .pdf format. In the letter, briefly explain your qualifications, experience with murals, experience working with the community, and your connection with Oak Park, the Franklin District, and/or South Sacramento.

  • Portfolio (10 image files of recent work, only one work or project per file). The images need to be JPEG, or PDF labeled with your last name, first name, and title (LastName_FirstName_Title.jpg / LastName_FirstName_Title.pdf).

  • Three Professional References (Name, Title, email, phone number)


Team Artists Guidelines

The Team Lead Artist and each Team Member should submit their own application including all of the above information so the review panel can evaluate the team’s qualifications.


The Team Lead Artist should also make sure in their submitted letter of interest to explain the team’s experience working together on mural projects, the team’s experience working with the community, and the team’s connection with Oak Park, North City Farms, the Franklin District, and/or South Sacramento.


Is there a deadline for applying?

Yes, applications are due by Thursday, August 25, 11:59 pm. There is no submission fee.

Proceso y criterios de selección

Un panel de miembros de la comunidad y artistas revisará los materiales de solicitud y las muestras de trabajo y seleccionará a tres finalistas para entrevistar antes de elegir al artista principal o al equipo de artistas. Evaluarán la calidad de la obra de arte, la experiencia del mural, la capacidad de participar y trabajar con la comunidad, y la capacidad de completar el proyecto a tiempo.


Cómo aplicar

Todos los candidatos interesados pueden postularse a continuación con el botón 'Aplicar aquí'. Necesitarás una cuenta de Google para subir archivos. (Si tienes problemas para acceder al enlace, prueba a usar Chrome o Edge como navegador). Puedes aplicar como individuo o como equipo


Directrices individuales para artistas principales

Se le pedirá que envíe su:

  • Información de contacto (nombre, dirección, correo electrónico, número de teléfono)

  • CV o hoja de vida (máximo 2 páginas)

  • Una carta de interés en formato .pdf. En la carta, explique brevemente sus calificaciones, experiencia con murales, experiencia trabajando con la comunidad, y su conexión con Oak Park, el Distrito Franklin y / o South Sacramento.

  • Portafolio (10 archivos de imagen de trabajo reciente, solo un trabajo o proyecto por archivo). Las imágenes deben ser JPEG o PDF etiquetadas con su apellido, nombre y título (LastName_FirstName_Title.jpg / LastName_FirstName_Title.pdf).

  • Tres referencias profesionales (nombre, título, correo electrónico, número de teléfono)


Directrices para artistas en equipo

El artista líder del equipo y cada miembro del equipo deben enviar su propia solicitud, incluida toda la información anterior, para que el panel de revisión pueda evaluar las calificaciones del equipo.


El artista principal del equipo también debe asegurarse en su carta de interés presentada de explicar la experiencia del equipo trabajando juntos en proyectos de murales, la experiencia del equipo trabajando con la comunidad, y la conexión del equipo con Oak Park, North City Farms, el Distrito Franklin y / o South Sacramento.


¿Hay una fecha límite para presentar la solicitud?

Sí, las solicitudes vencen con vencimiento el jueves 25 de agosto, 11:59 pm. No hay tarifa de envío

Project Timeline:

  • RFQ Released: July 28, 2022

  • RFQ Deadline: August 25, 11:59 pm 

  • Finalists Notified: September 2, 2022

  • Finalists Interviewed: September 7, 2022, between 4:30 and 6:00 pm

  • Lead artist(s)/team selected and notified: September 15, 2022

  • Contract agreement executed with FNDC: September 21, 2022

  • Artist engagement and design development with community: September 22, 2022-November 2022

  • Draft design submission: Late November/early December 2022

  • Design revisions and review panel approval: December 2022

  • Caltrans documents submitted by City/FNDC for approval: December 2022/January 2023

  • Preparation and painting of murals: February-May 2023

  • Mural completion: Murals must be completed by/before June 1, 2023

What if I need help or have more questions? If you need help with completing the application, or have questions about the RFQ or mural project, please email sharon@franklinblvddistrict.com

¿Qué hago si necesito ayuda o tengo más preguntas? Si necesita ayuda para completar la solicitud, o tiene preguntas sobre la RFQ o el proyecto de mural, envíe un correo electrónico a sharon@franklinblvddistrict.com

Mural Locations


This photo of the 21st Avenue underpass of Hwy 99 shows where Caltrans will allow painting. The north abutment wall is 148’ in length, and the south wall is 156’ in length. Of the 14’ height, note that the 8 feet at the bottom has a rough texture, and the 6 feet above is smooth, which could encourage a more complicated or pictorial design above, and a potential simpler or geometric design below. Caltrans will also be adding a few more light fixtures. The selected artist(s) will determine the design possibilities within Caltrans' requirements, time, and budget for the project. Caltrans generally does not allow text, symbols or icons such as flags, logos, or commercial symbols, or dark paint colors that could inhibit their inspections for structure cracks.

The project will also add a second mural to the wall of Manix Auto Repair on 21st Avenue. The building owner will be repairing the wall prior to the start of the mural painting. Reference the photo below for available working space. 



North Franklin District Community Fund LOGO_PNG (1).png