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About Us

The Franklin Boulevard Business Association (FBBA) is a 501 (c)(4) nonprofit. Founded in 1985, the district has long been an area that attracted immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America,
Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. As a result, Franklin Boulevard has many long-standing multi-generational businesses founded by past immigrants, as well as new businesses started by immigrant entrepreneurs.


FBBA serves as both a Property and Business Improvement District (PBID) for the Franklin Boulevard corridor between Sutterville road and Turnbridge Drive. FBBA's revenue comes primarily from assessments on over 150 properties in the PBID based on parcel size, frontage, square footage, and zone. Smaller assessments on 600+ properties in the Business Improvement Area are based on whether the business is retail or not. ​

The Franklin Boulevard Business Association works to create an attractive commercial corridor in the area through clean and safe services, assisting our small businesses with problem-solving, technical assistance, resources, and referrals, hosting business and community events, and supporting the City in its work to develop and construct the Franklin Boulevard Complete Street. We are committed to serving our district, community, business and property owners. 

Our Mission

“Building a thriving business district that protects and promotes the interests of new and  existing members while pursuing public and private investment.”

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