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Franklin District Community Climate & Revitalization Playbook

In 2019, the Franklin District received competitive grant funding to develop a neighborhood plan or “Playbook” for improving the Franklin District’s economy, environment, and livability. The process to develop the Playbook used a lot of engagement with people, including over 800 interviews with local residents and businesses on ideas and priorities for community improvements.

The Playbook, completed in 2020, identifies many strategies and actions for improving the safety and attractiveness of the Franklin corridor. By expanding housing options and homeless supports, and increasing clean transportation alternatives, energy efficiency, climate resilience, workforce development, and economic opportunities. The project also helped strengthen coordination between local organizations, public agencies, businesses and residents, and has positioned the Franklin community for additional competitive funds.

Franklin District Community Climate and Revitalization Playbook

Appendix A – Community Engagement Report

Playbook Strategies

Section I

Housing and Neighborhood Development

Section IV

Workforce Development

And Economic Opportunity

Section II

Transportation and Mobility

Section V



Section III

Environmental Improvements & Climate



The work upon which the Playbook is based was funded in part through a Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Planning Grant awarded by the California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) and administered by the California Department of Conservation (DOC). Thanks go to them and our 15 partners in the TCC grant: SACOG (lead applicant), City of Sacramento (co-applicant), County of Sacramento, Alchemist CDC, California Capital, Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative, Community Resource Project, Franklin Boulevard Business Association, La Familia Counseling Center, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Sacramento Regional Transit, Sacramento Tree Foundation, WALKSacramento, and Valley Vision.

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