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About FNDC

Franklin Neighborhood Development Corporation (FNDC) is our economic engine to help build equitable neighborhoods and business district. We are in the midst of shaping the future of the Franklin District. This is Sacramento’s Hispanic/Latino business corridor and a working-class neighborhood that has historically been a “port of entry” for Hispanic/Latinos and other immigrants, but divided between the City and County of Sacramento with a  history of disinvestment and disadvantage. New public and private investments have the potential to bring both benefits and positive impacts to the Franklin District. Complete Street improvement project is currently underway that will significantly improve Franklin Boulevard’s attractiveness and safety for walking, biking and shopping. Other emerging projects include a pilot on-demand micro-transit system; car share and bike share opportunities; community murals; Sacramento's Mercado business incubator combining a Hispanic/Latino food hall market and food trailers with a community kitchen; heat island and solar energy improvements; a public plaza; and more.


Our Mission

FNDC is investing in and improving the physical and social infrastructure, public transportation, education, and job creation for our District’s residents, businesses and property owners. FNDC is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt and tax-deductible neighborhood development corporation established to facilitate community development and revitalization of Franklin Blvd District’s business and residential neighborhoods.

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