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The Franklin District has a lot to offer its residents:

Franklin Blvd. is historically the Latino heart of Sacramento and a neighborhood of many immigrant families and much diversity.ā€‹


We have hundreds of businesses employing about 7,000 people. Many are small family-owned businesses that serve the community and continue the District’s cultural heritage, including ethnic restaurants, grocery stores, and specialty stores.


However, the Franklin area also faces lots of issues such as limited education, homelessness, and unemployment.


In 2018, a collaborative application submitted by the Franklin Neighborhood Development Corporation (FNDC), Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), City of Sacramento, and 13 other local partners was awarded a Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Planning Grant from the state Strategic Growth Council to develop a neighborhood plan for the Franklin District. The 13 partners were the County of Sacramento, Alchemist CDC, California Capital, Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative, Community Resource Project, Franklin Boulevard Business Association, La Familia Counseling Center, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Sacramento Regional Transit, Sacramento Tree Foundation, WALKSacramento, and Valley Vision.


The TCC Planning Grant enabled FNDC to engage stakeholders and the community through many meetings, community events, and over 800 interviews with local residents and businesses on ways we can improve the Franklin District’s economy, environment, and livability. This Franklin District “Playbook” is the result. The map [SS1] on the following page shows the area that has been the focus for the TCC Planning Grant and this Playbook.


The following sections summarize:


  • The Franklin District’s history

  • Neighborhood conditions that illustrate the current disadvantage that many District residents face

  • Community engagement efforts in developing this Playbook

  • Background and detail on the many strategies identified through this process for improving housing, transportation, the environment, and economic opportunities in the Franklin District

The Playbook is an ambitious endeavor and will take time to implement. We are very optimistic that with partners and the community working together over the coming months and years, we can achieve its vision for an equitable and vibrant community for all residents and businesses. We also see the Playbook as a living document for the Franklin District. We expect to provide progress reports on implementation efforts, and to update the Playbook as needed over time to keep newer versions current and relevant.  

 [SS1]I’m still going to see if I can find the other more layered map


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