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Mural Installation Project

Loteria by Mayra Ramos Chavez

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In 2019 in partnership with 916 Ink and Sacramento State University, FNDC began facilitating the painting of murals on buildings along Franklin Boulevard that represent the culture, heritage, history and future of the Franklin District. Eight of the murals celebrate the cultural history of our area with large scale reproductions of posters designed by original members of Sacramento’s Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF), Sacramento’s artist collective that has been nationally recognized for its Chicano/Mexican art and cultural activities. Another seven murals were new Latino-themed installations created by local artists and former alumni of Sacramento State University. Students from 916 Ink created poetry that is incorporated into some of these murals. 


In 2022, a new mural celebrating Chicano themes replaced an accident-damaged mural at the Franklin Center on Franklin Boulevard near Fruitridge. Another original mural was also completed on the STEM building at the Maple Neighborhood Center at 36th Avenue. 


FNDC has also partnered with the City of Sacramento and Caltrans on two Clean California Program grants to help reconnect the Franklin District and South Oak Park across Highway 99 and beautify 21st Avenue, a walking route between the neighborhoods and to Ethel Phillips Elementary School. The grants will help support murals on the Highway 99 underpass at 21st Avenue, as well as six new murals on walls of commercial buildings and the school. The first set of murals should be done by June 2023,  with the remainder completed by or before June 2024. 

"Franklin Boulevard is the amazing boulevard that IS."
- Supervisor Patrick Kennedy


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