Franklin Blvd Business District Services

COVID-19 Resources

The Franklin Boulevard Business District is made up of many small businesses and we know many are taking a hit due to these new precautions for COVID-19. We are going to do our best to support our small businesses at this time. Within this next week we will be calling around to businesses and asking if anyone needs any assistance with their loan applications or any specials you are trying to promote. For our food business experiencing a loss we encourage you to market "to-go" options and deliveries if possible. This is unfortunate but our main focus will always be the health and safety for our community.


The PBID Clean and Safe Team give maintenance debris clean-up​ along public right-of-way areas (sidewalks, streets).

We provide marketing and business advice, as well as referrals to services we cannot provide such as loans and large promotional needs to businesses in the district. We can assist in developing a marketing campaign, and host free business seminars.  


We advocate on your behalf and act as a liaison between government and business to ensure you have the help you need to succeed.

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