Bikeability to/from Light Rail Stations

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The map above shows designated bike routes and low-stress bikeable streets that are not part of the officially designated network. Low-stress bikeable streets are generally low-volume streets with a speed limit of 25 mph or less. 

Biking distances to/from light rail stations ignore one-way streets for simplicity and are based on a combination of designated bike routes (except some shareways as described below) and low-stress bikeable streets.

The under-bikeable area shown is within one mile of a light rail station on the full street network, but NOT within one mile on the bikeable street network.

Designated bike routes (Class III / shareways) where the speed limit was higher than 25 mph and the street does not have speed controlling features (e.g. speed bumps) were excluded from the bikeable street network used for analysis and are shown as a seperate layer in the map.

Designated bike routes used are based on publicly available (SACOG) data, edited for completeness and accuracy by FNDC staff in the vicinity of the Franklin district in 2019.